Mental Performance Med First Weight Loss Center

Mental Performance  Med First Weight Loss Center

Being at your best is crucial in today’s busy world, and with WIN’s Mental Performance

Package, you can obtain optimal brain and cognitive health.

Achieve optimal health with WINOmeg3complex. Our high concentration formula contains a

desirable balance of essential fatty acids and undergoes an enzyme process and two

molecular distillations to ensure the removal of PCBs, dioxins, mercury and other heavy

metals. Support and promote your overall health with our high-quality omega-3 supplement,

We’ve all had lack of concentration or forgetfulness. As we get older, these instances

may happen more often than not. Clarity contains tissue proteins in the form of nutrients

important to memory and concentration, thereby enhancing cognitive performance in healthy

DHEA Plus is a rejuvenating blend of select herbs which supplement your body’s

naturally produced DHEA levels, known to decline with age. By supplementing with DHEA

Plus, you can maintain a youthful disposition and improve your overall health.

Food For Thought delivers essential vitamins and minerals to the body, which

promote the synthesis of brain neurotransmitters associated with memory, attentiveness

and muscle coordination. At work, school, or anytime mental fitness is needed, try Food

Phyto-Vite contains an advanced umbrella of nutritional support, including a blend

of antioxidant nutrients, assisting your body in coping with daily environmental and

lifestyle stresses. The ingredients found in this ultimate multi-vitamin will help you

be more energized and invigorated… more full of life.

The primary function of Sleep-Tite is to rejuvenate and restore by assisting the

body in initiating and maintaining sleep. Its blend of herbs includes valerian root,

passion flower and skullcap, have been used for centuries due to their calming effects on

Stress affects nearly every system in your body, but changing your lifestyle isn’t

always an option. There are natural options in helping you combat one of the most common

complaints of people today. The ingredients found in Tranquility can help your body

handle the effects of stress without changing the way you live.

Having trouble getting started in the morning? Winrgy is an ideal energizer during

stressful activities, while traveling long distances, or anytime peak performance is

needed. And for added nutritional support, mix Winrgy with Food For Thought.

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