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Posts Tagged ‘nutrition’

Healthy Living Tips

Your Health At Home – The First Nations Environmental Health Guide Is Now Available, Canada
The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, announced the launch of the First Nations environmental health guide Your Health at Home which provides useful information and practical tips for First Nations to keep their homes safer and healthier. “The Government of [...]

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Healthy Living Recipes

Can someone provide me with some tasty but healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare?

I can’t eat dairy for a while, because of allergies. So I’m going grocery shopping later in the afternoon and I need some ideas on what to buy for lunch. I live alone, so I don’t want to [...]

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Healthy Living Food

Diet Good Food Choices = Healthy Living
It’s no secret that diet along with good food choices will reward you with healthy living. But the main component of that statement is the fact that the two together work much better than each on their own do. And actually, you may have already discovered that [...]

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Healthy Living Eating

Facts About Children’s Healthy Eating?

Can You Tell Me Some Facts About Healthy Eating/ Living For Kids Agd 11-14?

That’s a pretty broad question that might take a long time to answer. But in my opinion the answer is the exact same as it would be for an adult. Be more active, get away from [...]

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Healthy Living Zone

Live Longer Lose Weight Mediterranean Diet
It is common knowledge that people who live around the Mediterranean region tend to live longer and have less overweight related diseases than people in the developed countries except perhaps, Japan.
Not very long ago, the Mediterranean climate was thought to be the reason why people live longer and [...]

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Healthy Living Websites For Students

Healthy microwaveable recipes?

I’m a college student living in the dorms. We don’t have an oven and we aren’t allowed to have a toaster. I am tired of eating veggie burgers, easy mac and soup. I am looking for some healthy, easy recipes that could be made with or without a microwave.
If anyone has any [...]

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