Carrot Juicers – How to Make Fresh Carrot Juice Yourself Health Fruits and Foods

Carrot Juicers – How to Make Fresh Carrot Juice Yourself  Health Fruits and Foods

Carrot Juicers – How to Make Fresh Carrot Juice Yourself

As you most likely know already, carrots contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Some of the nutrients found in carrots are vitamin A, B and C. Drinking carrot juice is a good way of getting some of those healthy nutrients found in carrots. Carrot juice as a delicious sweet taste, especially if you make it at home with your own juicer machine and the juice is fresh right from the juicer.

When purchasing a carrot juice maker, almost any juicer will do a good job as carrots are generally easy to make juice of. However some juice makers will do a better job than others. There are two types of juicer machines available in the stores, masticating juice machines and centrifugal juice machines. The centrifugal juice makers are much quicker and have a stronger motor than the masticating juice machines that works much slower.

The Omega series of masticating juice machines are getting very reviews from customers. As already mentioned, a masticating juicer machine is working at low speeds and slowly chewing the carrots into juice. The Breville juice makers are also getting good customer ratings. The Breville juice makers have a very powerful motor that makes the knives spin around very quickly to extract the juice from the carrots. Another advantage of the Breville series of juice machines is that they have a big 3” feed tube opening, which requires a lot less chopping and cutting of the ingredients.

Both a centrifugal and a masticating juicer can be used to successfully juice carrots. Which type of juicer you decide to purchase depends on what you prefer. The advantage with a centrifugal juice machine is that it is able to make juice of harder fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots at a very high speed. Masticating juicer machines are much slower, so it takes more time to juice the carrots. They also cost more than the centrifugal juice makers. If you want to juice carrots fast, you should get a centrifugal juicer machine. If you can wait a bit for the juice to finish or you are planning to make juice and store it, the masticating juicer is your best choice as the juice does not oxidize.

No matter which type of carrot juicer machine you choose to buy, you will most likely be able to make great tasting juice at hoome. Personally I always recommend the Breville 800jexl as it has a very strong motor, a nice stainless steel look and feel, a big 3” feed tube and it makes delicious juice.

Looking for a fast and easy to use juicer? I write reviews on the most popular juicers. Read my review of the Breville 800jexl to learn more about the benefits of this juicer machine and make an informed buying decision.

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