Get (and Stay) Inspired to Lose Weight: 5 Tips Living the Healthy Way

Get (and Stay) Inspired to Lose Weight: 5 Tips  Living the Healthy Way

Healthy eating and fitness is the way to go.

Get (and Stay) Inspired to Lose Weight: 5 Tips

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Ask any random person on the street what one of the hardest things to do is, and I’d bet a good majority of them would say, “Lose weight.” You might also get “quit smoking,” “exercise more,” and various other health-related quandaries, but the bottom line is, for many people, getting and staying healthy is a tough road.

It need not be that way, though. Because once you incorporate the following practices into your get-healthy plan, your life will change…and so will your health.

Set goals – To begin this process (or any process, really), you need to set goals for yourself. Realistic goals. It’s fine to dream big, but when you’re tackling a large goal, baby steps seem much more achievable than just your end goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 30 pounds, break that down to two pounds per week for the next 15 weeks. Doesn’t two pounds seem so much more doable than 30? It’s a mind trick, but it works. Set your goal, break it down into bite-sized pieces, rinse and repeat.

Visualize – Okay, so you want to lose 30 pounds. Great. What will you look like when you lose that weight? What clothes will you wear? What will you feel like? Strong? Powerful? Lean? Will you treat yourself to a new hairdo? A great new dress? Visualize all that will happen in your life when the extra weight you’ve been carrying (both on a physical and emotional level) is gone. Take time throughout the day to visualize the end result of your weight loss. When you put out a vibe of success, you will draw strong and positive universal powers toward you…and your goal will be met.

Affirm – Daily affirmations are all the buzz in the self-development world…and for good reason. Tell yourself something long enough and you will believe it. While an affirmation like “I am the picture of good health” might be the most dishonest and ludicrous words you could mutter right now, saying them over and over will train your subconscious into believing it’s true. You’ll then find yourself making conscious choices to fulfill this affirmation (fruit instead of chips, walk instead of car, etc). This is a very powerful method of personal improvement that can be used in all areas of your life. Give it a try!

Live consciously – Living consciously is simply being aware of the choices you make. Essentially, your dreams and goals are in front of you, and you consciously make choices that will turn them into a reality. Easy in thought, but harder in practice. Living consciously takes some effort, but it’s essential to your development.

Reward yourself – Any goal you undertake is important, no matter how great or how small. Therefore, every time you reach one of your goals or hit a stop on route to a large milestone goal, you need to reward yourself. Maybe losing 5 pounds equals a new nail polish. Losing 10 pounds equals a pair of great new gloves or boots. Losing 20 equals a facial. The choice is yours. Just keep the rewards relevant to the goal (and do not reward yourself with food when your goal is to lose weight!) Keep celebrating yourself right on up to the end and the final result will be all you dreamed.

Do you have any great tips for inspiring weight loss success? Share with us!

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What a great an informative Blog! I love the Way you talk about all aspects of this from setting goals, visualization, to rewards… this model can be used for all aspects of life needs. The timing and power of positive Action and reaction is the ultimate concept for me. I started my journey by Reading “The Secret” then recently Bob Proctor’s “11 Forgotten Laws” which helped me practice the Law of Attraction I Learned from the Secret. It was a great compliment. I got this new information from a Teleseminar that was posted for free at:

I hope that it helps and guides as many people out as it has for me!

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