Livable Communities

Livable Communities
This initiative, developed by the Clinton-Gore administration, seeks to provide communities with the tools, information, and resources they can use to enhance their quality of life, ensure their economic competitiveness, and build a stronger sense of community. The premise behind the Initiative is that each community faces different challenges and will need to find its own solutions. Strategies to create more livable communities may be given, however the only way change can occur is through fostering citizen and private sector cooperation and promoting collaboration among neighboring communities.

The initiative, like CYCHI, is based on the belief that "Communities know best." That is, every community is different, thus decisions about how they grow are best made by the communities themselves. Therefore it is not an outsider''s place to direct, but to offer assistance and information. The Livable Communities Initiative is an effort by the government to support locally-driven efforts to build more livable communities. Its aim is to provide communities with tools, information, and resources that they can use to enhance their residents'' quality of life, ensure their community''s economic competitiveness, and build a stronger sense of community. Four Primary Areas are targeted:
Expanding Community Choices by Providing Incentives;
Expanding Community Choices by Providing Information;
Being a Good Neighbor; and
Building Partnerships.
The Livable Communities web site is a great resource as it coordinates and streamlines information on federal resources - programs, guides, and tools - to help you improve the quality of life in your own community. To help you locate the information you need more quickly, you can even organize resources by topic!!! For more information, visit the Livable Communities Initiative, Website at:

Other relevant resources:

Southern California Council on Environment and Development (SCCED), 626 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401, Tel: 310.455.1603, Fax: 310.455.3011, Email: , Website:
SCCED works through facilitated task forces, forums, and conferences toward building consensus on programs and polices to protect the environment, strengthen the economy, and ensure equity for Southern California''s 15 million residents.

Center for Livable Communities, 1414 K Street, Suite 250, Sacramento, CA 95814, Tel: 916.448.1198; 800.290.8202, Website:
The Center, a national initiative of the Local Government Commission, helps local governments and community leaders be proactive in their land use and transportation planning and adopt programs and policies that lead to more livable and resource-efficient land use patterns.

City of Santa Monica, Sustainable City Program, 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401, Tel: 310.458.2227, Fax: 310.393.1279, Email: , Website:
This site contains detailed information about Santa Monica''s sustainable programs and policies, sustainability indicators, and resources. Copies of the ''94 Sustainable City Program document and the ''96 Sustainable City Progress Report can be downloaded.

Global Action and Information Network (GAIN), P.O. Box 3015, Santa Cruz, CA 95063, Tel: 408.457.0130, Fax: 408.457.0133, Email: , Website:
GAIN provides and promotes the most effective use of high quality information to inspire, support, and encourage the most productive actions possible for sustainability.

Resource Renewal Institute (RRI), Fort Mason Center, Pier 1, San Francisco, CA 94123, Tel: 415.928.3774, Fax: 415.928.6529, Website:
RRI assists governments and other sectors in the implementation of Green Plans, which are long-term, comprehensive environmental strategies.

Silicon Valley 2010 Vision, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network, 99 Almaden Blvd, Suite 700, San Jose, CA 95113-1605, Tel: 408.271.7213, Fax: 408.271.7214, Email: , Website:
The goal of this Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network initiative is to craft a vision, goals, and progress measures for Silicon Valley.

Sustainable City, PO Box 460236, San Francisco, CA 94146, Tel: 415.285.6106, Fax: 415.437.1645, Email: , Website:
This citywide initiative is dedicated to achieving a sustainable future for San Francisco.

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