Chicken Soup is the Best Medicine Dr. Mommy Health Tips

Chicken Soup is the Best Medicine  Dr. Mommy Health Tips

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Chicken Soup is the Best Medicine

by Dr. Mommy Health Tips on January 25, 2010

Remember when you were young and you felt sick. What was the first thing your mom made? You guessed itChicken Soup! For centuries, mothers have turned to chicken soup as the first defense against the seasonal runny nose or stuffy head symptoms.

Your mom was on to something back then. The temperature of the chicken soup is in part responsible for the medicinal purposes. Research has found that heat can destroy viruses and bacteria in the mouth and throat. It can also help to soothe inflammation and dissolve the congestion causing mucous.

However, the heat is not the only factor to help, the ingredients used also helped in the healing process. Pungent smelling ingredients such as onions, leeks, garlic and pepper is actually the soups most powerful secret weapon. These vegetables are potent antibacterial and antiviral agents that are also capable of unclogging the airways with their pungency.

But whats more amazing is that those healthy ingredients contain powerful antioxidant chemicals that help to prevent future illness. You may be wondering if there is a vegetarian version to this chicken soup and there is. Making a soup without the chicken and using the vegetables mentioned will still have the same potent effects and can be an equal contender in the war on flu and cold symptoms. Not only is the chicken soup capable of battling the flu-like symptoms but that combined with a positive attitude helps more.

When the individual believes that the chicken soup can cure colds, they will more likely benefit form the remedy than the skeptics. Also adding in the fact that a loved one took the time to prepare a homemade cup of soup generates a powerful sense of well-being that enhances the healing process. Nurturing is not only good for the patient, it also benefits the caregiver.

Research has also shown that those individuals that take time out to care for other living things, such as pets, plants and people will enjoy less illness and live longer. So, the next time your loved one or friend is not feeling well, do him or her and yourself a favor by simmering up a batch of homemade chicken soup.

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