Fresh Healthy Vending Food that can Make You Smarter

Fresh Healthy Vending Food that can Make You Smarter
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Fresh healthy vending food that makes you smarter are available with the introduction of healthy vending machines in schools, health clubs, malls and even in offices now. These fresh healthy vending food machines offer fruit, veggies, yogurts along with an entire assortment of healthy products.

Do you know that there is actually a food for the brain? Not 1, but 10!
If you are in a rush for school paper project or office paper works, then help your brain to do its work. Forget the junk foods and soda. Feed your brain with something that would boost its performance, foods that are rich in Omega-3 fats, antioxidants and fiber.

Below are the lists of food that you should eat if offered from the fresh healthy vending food machines, either daily or weekly.

  1. Avocado is a protein rich fruit that helps to fill a day with energy. Avocado when combined with scramble eggs helps in better blood circulation that is essential for optimal brain function.
  2. Blueberries reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and are considered the best food for the brain.
  3. Wild Salmon is a premium source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are needed by the brain. It helps in improving memory, mood, cognition and alertness. It also helps in reducing depression , anxiety and hyperactivity.
  4. Nuts contain high amount of fiber, protein, and beneficial fats needed for getting immediate energy boost.
  5. Seeds contain beneficial fat, vitamin E , protein, antioxidants and magnesium that is known as a brain boosting mineral. You can try sunflower seeds and sesame seeds in your foods for a more delicious brain-boosting food!
  6. Coffee is good for our brain because it contain fibers. It has noted benefits to your brain in providing energy boost. If you are afraid that it is bad for your health, let me tell you that espresso beans are healthy snack. Just don’t ruin your coffee by loading it with sugar!
  7. Oatmeal. This is a very healthy food. It is one the best foods for brain health. Not to mention that oatmeal is rich in fiber, protein, and a small amount of Omega-3. An oatmeal in your breakfast helps you to stay on track and avoid irritability.
  8. Beans. One thing that I like with beans is the price. Yes, it is cheaper but don’t under estimate it for its price. Beans are loaded with fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It also provides a steady and slow release of glucose o brain without the sugar crash.
  9. Pomegranate contains antioxidants which is important for a healthy brain.
  10. Brown Rice is good for people who are sensitive to gluten but still want to have a healthy cardiovascular. Remember that the better your circulation, the sharper your brain will be.

This is not all! foods like tea, chocolate, oysters, olive oil, tuna, garlic, eggs, green leafy vegetables and cacao nibs contain the nutrients that your brain needs in order to perform better. The next time you go to the grocery, don’t forget to pick any of these for a healthier brain and more alive thinking!

Avoid eating, drinking or taking alcohol, corn syrup, sugar, nicotine and a high in carbohydrate meal as it drain your brain. If you can’t help it, well maybe you should take it with moderation.