Weight Loss Program-Benefits of Drinking Water

Weight Loss Program-Benefits of Drinking Water

who want their pre-baby body back...

Written by the author of The Fit Yummy Mummy -- Holly Rigsby, CPT

The importance of drinking water for fat loss cannot be understated. As you know, our bodies are made up of about seventy percent water. Under

normal daily activities, we lose about one liter (or thirty four ounces) of water a day. And if we exercise or do some strenuous activities, we

will lose even more water through sweating.

So it is pretty obvious that we MUST replace that water, as it is a necessary function for just about every part of our body.

The water helps our body regulates its temperature, supports and protects our vital organs, helps

maintain the body''s digestion, moves nutrients from our foods to the muscles and helps the body get rid of waste

But most importantly for us, water is extremely important to fat metabolism. And here is why... your liver''s primary job is to break down the

fat stored in our body to be used as a energy source. If you don''t have enough water in your body, the kidneys cannot function efficiently and

the liver has to take over. Since the liver is no longer primarily working on body fat, in essence, you are NOT losing as much fat as if you were

Did you know that sometimes when we are thirsty, we actually feel hungry? This

is because when we don''t have enough fluids in our body, our body is saying, "Hey, we need some liquids and since you aren''t paying attention to

the thirst, we are going to give you hunger pains just so you can eat something -- preferable with water in it." And you know what happens next;

we misunderstood the hunger pains and ate some extra calories when all our body wanted was some water!

Did you know the water is also a natural appetite suppressant? So drink up and

try to "top up" during the day. You see, when you drink water all the time, it fills your stomach and you are less likely to overeat... so that

And you should drink a continuous supply of water before and after you exercise. In fact, being in a state of dehydration can make you

lethargic and lacking energy, tired muscles and even cramping.

And for those who drink alcoholic beverages or caffeine-laced drinks, those drinks are diuretics. Which means that you will lose even MORE

water. So be sure to drink extra water to make up for that... Here is a tip, keep a bottle of water with you all the time so you have something

Try to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Drink a glass of water

first thing when you wake up. Drink a glass of water before working out. Drink a glass of water while working out. And then drink another glass

of water after working out. If you are experiencing hunger pains 1 hour after working out, it could be your body telling you that it is thirsty.

Try drinking some more water. If you are still hungry fifteen minutes or so later, eat a healthy snack to help you over until your next scheduled

For those of you who like a little "taste" with your water, try adding a slice of tangy lime or lemons. You could even try drinking water out

of your favorite colored glass. Keep bottled water in your car at all times. At work, you can bring a number of bottles of water that you want to

drink for the day, and set a goal to finished drinking all the water be the end of the work day.

And some of you just don''t like drinking plain water all the time. Try sparkling water. Not only it is fizzy and crisp, it helps sate the

cravings for carbonated drinks. Be sure that your sparkling water does NOT have sugars or fruit

juice which would defeat the purpose of adding useless calories to your diet...

There you have it, the benefits of drinking water for fat loss along with a good workout program, eating quality meals is the way to go to

achieve your goals of fat loss to get your pre-baby body back.

The Fit Yummy Mummy -- Get your pre-baby body back!

Holly Rigsby is a nationally recognized women’s fitness coach,

certified personal trainer (CPT) and the author of the internationally popular e-book – Fit Yummy Mummy - Burn Your Baby

Fat & Get Your Body Back. Go to http://www.fityummymummy.com to get your FREE copy of her special report: "The Five Ways To

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