Why You Need Natural Enhancement for Women

Why You Need Natural Enhancement for Women

You need natural enhancement for women for the simple reason that 46% of Women Suffer Libido Problems! So, You are not alone. But, thats not the company you want to keep.

“According to a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, as many as 46% of women experience problems with their libido; one minute they’re raging like tigers, the next they behave like nuns. Unfortunately, these symptoms can become especially severe as women enter perimenopause and menopause. Unlike men, women’s libidos are easily influenced by environmental, physiological, and psychological changes; the drop in your libido may be caused by something in your lifestyle or environment, in addition to your changing hormones. But more often than not, increasing female libido can be helped immensely by eliminating stress.”

Well, obviously you’re not going to eliminate stress from your life, but you can reduce it. The breathing exercise I gave you should be starting to do that. If you spend a little time organizing your life around creating time for loving you will feel less stress.

Unfortunately the article went on to reiterate a dangerous myth. The myth that Women are multi-taskers. This has been scientifically disproven. Its a fantasy. Probably written by a man. Many Women have embraced it at the cost of their health. Our brains just don’t work that way female, or male. If we focus on a task and get it done and stay organized we have a lot less stress. Trying to track any number of tasks at once is a recipe for failure stress.

When your mind is flooded with unfinished tasks and thoughts about the future your body can’t get into the moment. So sex just does not work. The breathing and other exercises I’m giving you train your mind to stay here and now. This is where sex can happen, here and now.

“Before you may be even ready to think about sex, you probably need to do some self nurturing. Take some time to center yourself with meditation and quiet your mind. Do something that really relaxes and rejuvenates you. Spending time in nature is a great way to do this. Breathe and allow your mind to relax. Feel the earth beneath your feet and get some grounding. When you are feeling more at peace, then you will be better equipped to have a positive sexual experience.”

Now there is some good advice. Don’t be afraid of the word “meditation”. Its as simple as just watching your breath…listening to it. Just focusing your attention on this moment. Nothing will do more for your experience of lovemaking than the ability to be present and experience it fully.

The article goes on to suggest creating the mood by eliminating distractions. I hope you have already got to the point where you shut of the phone etc. Taking a bath together and a bit of massage could be good. The sexy/sensual foods I’ve been talking about could fit in somewhere. A glass of wine might be nice. Keep it to one glass before though. And of course the old reliable, dark chocolate.

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The group that published that article is primarily focused on menopause. I found it interesting that they focused on herbs when it came to hormone replacement strategies. More and more people are realizing that we have an amazing resource in natural enhancement for women treatments for all sorts of conditions. I hope you’ve tried “HerSolution” because I really do believe it the best bang for the buck.

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